DIY Tips: What Can You Do Rain Damages Your Roof?

Three Ways To Reduce Your Heating Bills This Winter (And They All Cost Less Than Ten Dollars!)

Sky-high heating bills can completely undermine your budget in the winter. But so many methods for saving on heating require you to spend money in order to save! Instead of spending hundreds on special insulating curtains or spray foam insulation, try implementing some of these cheap, easy ways to save on heating. They all cost less than $5!

Replace your furnace filter.

If your furnace filter is clogged and dirty, your furnace filter has to work extra hard to push air through it. Replacing yours is sure to reduce your heating bills throughout the season. While there are expensive furnace filters, a simple, disposable fiberglass filter will work just fine in most cases, and these only cost $1 – 2. If you have allergy problems and want to make sure all mold spores are being filtered out of your air, you can splurge on a pleated cotton filter for about …

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Wondering Why There’s Water? What To Do About Condensation

If you have an HVAC system in your home, you know it’s supposed to produce hot or cold air. But it’s not supposed to produce water, and if you’ve got water dripping out of one or more vents, you know you’ve got a problem. Water coming out of a vent is not a good thing, but it is a common thing with three simple causes and fixes.

Insulation Integrity

Part of the problem is due to the contact of hot/humid and cold. If you have cold air traveling through a duct, the duct material is going to become cold itself. If the air surrounding the duct is hot and humid, the moisture in the air will condense into liquid. This condensation is what you’re seeing drip out of the vent. Normally, ducts are insulated well enough so that the cold duct material doesn’t touch the warm air. But if the …

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Winter Maintenance For Your Central Air Conditioner

You may put a lot into properly maintaining your central air conditioning unit during the warmer months, but you should also do what you can to protect it during the colder months. By not protecting your system when it’s cold outside, you will be increasing the chances that it won’t work right the next time you go to use it. Follow the advice below to care for your central air conditioning during the cold months.

Turn the system off

The first thing you should do is to shut the central air conditioning system off completely. This will help to prevent the unit from turning on accidentally and causing damage if water starts working its way through the system and it freezes. Also, not shutting it off completely can cost you in phantom electric usage.

Protect the unit from extreme weather conditions

The compressor to your air conditioner will be outside. …

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Upgrading Your Toilet Seat In 4 Simple Steps

Toilets are one of the most used plumbing fixtures in the home. Thus, over time it is not uncommon for toilet seats to become chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to call a plumber when the time comes for a new toilet seat. If you’ve got a broken toilet seat–or if you’re just looking to trade in your current seat for a nicer model–read on. This article will teach you the four simple steps to replacing a toilet seat.

Step #1 – Cleaning and disinfecting.

Although this step doesn’t have anything to do with the mechanics of replacing a toilet seat, it should be considered an indispensable part of the process. Because like or not, you’re about to get real cozy with your toilet. Therefore, it pays to help yourself out by giving your toilet a good thorough cleaning before you begin. Chances are, you’ll thank …

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3 Tips For Keeping The House Cool Without Spending Too Much Money

Keeping your house cool in the warmer months may seem like a mystery to some. It may seem as though you have to crank the AC higher and higher to get the house comfortable. However, this creates a larger utility bill that many people can simply not afford. This is why it is best if you can find alternative ways to keep your house cool while keeping the AC at a reasonable temperature. Here are a couple suggestions.

1. Uncover the Hard Flooring

When you put rugs down on your floor it helps to insulate it. The carpet keeps the heat in. This means that during the warmer months, you can keep the house cooler if you uncover the wood, tile or linoleum floors so that it doesn’t hold the heat as well. The floor will be cooler, which will encourage the rest of the house to be cooler as …

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Tips For Air Conditioner Improvements

If your home is hard to keep cool and you find yourself running your air conditioner all day in order to keep the temperature down then you may need to perform some AC tune-ups. Air conditioners that aren’t working properly can take longer to cool a home, which can force you to run your unit for a much longer period of time. To ensure your AC is running properly and efficiently, consider tune ups like the following:

Duct Sealant Repairs:

The duct of your air conditioner is the channel that feeds the cool air that your condenser creates into your home. This means that if there are any leaks in your duct, you are reducing the amount of air that actually gets delivered into your home, which can cause your unit to run for a longer duration to make up for the loss of air that failed to be delivered …

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