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Radiant Heating System Problems That You May Experience

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A radiant heating system is vital when your home needs it the most during winter. More so, this system is more efficient than conventional units as it eliminates duct losses. However, your heating system may wear out over time and begin to malfunction. When this happens, it can result in an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere as malfunctions hinder its performance. Thus, you must engage a heating contractor to check your system and repair the underlying malfunction. The following are radiant heating problems you may experience.

System Leaks

If you notice leaks on the floor, your heating unit could be due for repair. In most cases, this may result from construction stress where concrete around the pipes shifts due to temperature changes. Consequently, the pipes may degrade and leak water, damaging the flooring's finished surface. On the other hand, excessive water pressure may accelerate the tank's deterioration. This may lead to the tank leaking water, causing damp spots that enable mold to thrive. Therefore, you should hire a heating repair expert to patch the leaks to prevent water damage in your home.

Not Providing Heat

When your radiant heater does not provide heat, you should schedule immediate repairs. Note that this happens due to a defective thermostat with a failing sensor that prevents the system from working. Alternatively, a power surge or an overloaded circuit in your unit can trigger the circuit breaker, causing it to trip. Finally, if zone valves wear out, they may fail to control the circulation and temperature of water flowing through the pipes. As a result, your system will cease functioning, creating indoor discomfort. 


If you install the radiant heater yourself, flukes can hinder your system's performance. As such, water interruptions from the municipality during installation can cause your unit to malfunction. Consequently, an oxygen bubble may form and plug the piping. Ultimately, this leads to obstructions that restrict water flow through the piping, causing overheating and flooding. Thus, you should employ the services of a heating technician to rectify your installation and eliminate mishaps that may hinder its operation.

Defective Heating Mat

Your heater uses the heating mat to distribute heat evenly throughout your living space. However, your heating mat may get damaged due to the impact of a heavy object dropping on the floor. As such, a defective heating mat may cause the floor to take a long time to heat, consuming more energy. In this case, you must fix your heating mat for proper heat distribution.

A malfunctioning radiant heater will spike your energy bills and inconvenience your household. So, besides timely heating system repairs, schedule routine maintenance with a heating expert to ensure your system offers peak efficiency.  

For more info about heating system repairs, contact a local company.