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Furnace Repair: Learn The Common Issues You're Likely To Encounter

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Regular furnace maintenance can help catch and address minor issues before they cause your equipment to break down completely. While this is the case, your furnace will still develop problems at some point, either due to old age or regular wear and tear. You can easily address issues like a blank thermostat display resulting from dead batteries. However, problems arising from damage to furnace parts require the services of an experienced HVAC system repair expert. Here's a detailed look at common furnace problems.  

You Are Dealing With A Noisy Operation

As your furnace runs, you should expect it to make a click sound when it reaches a specific temperature. You may also hear a whooshing sound as air moves in your duct. If you notice any noise out of the ordinary, contact an experienced furnace repair professional. For instance, rattling or knocking sounds indicate that some parts could be loose and require tightening. Rumbling noises signify that you have dirt restricting proper ignition.

Noticeable Cracks On The Heat Exchanger 

Cracks on the heat exchanger are a common problem with most furnaces. Remember that this part features heated tubes responsible for warming the air before it enters your home. Over years of continued use, the heat exchanger will sustain damage that causes heat to leave the tube, making it difficult for the furnace to warm your home effectively. On the first sign of this problem, seek the services of an experienced repair professional.

Your Furnace Is Producing Minimal Or No Heat At All

If your furnace isn't producing enough heat, it most likely has a dirty air filter restricting the proper flow of heated air. In case you don't have heat at all, check whether the thermostat is on the "heat" option. If not, that could be the source of your problem. This issue can also arise if you have a tripped circuit breaker. If none of these issues are the cause of your problem, seek the help of a heating expert to avoid total unit failure.

Constant On And Off Operation

You should expect your furnace to switch on and off to maintain your thermostat temperature. However, if it cycles on and off frequently, seek professional help. This problem can arise if you have a faulty ignition system or clogged air filters.  

You should address furnace issues as quickly as possible to avoid a breakdown when you need it the most. Also, ensure that you engage an HVAC repair professional during the repairs to prevent them from recurring.  

Contact a local HVAC repair service to learn more.