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Tips For Inspecting A Commercial Air Conditioner

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Does your commercial building have an air conditioner? You'll want to know how the unit needs to be inspected to keep it running over the years. Here are some tips about some of the basic things that should be done when inspecting the unit. 

Belt Inspection

There is a belt that drives the motor inside the air conditioner. You'll want to make sure that the belt is in good condition, not fraying, and has a good amount of tension on it. The belt should be tight and not easily come off but still allow you to push down on it so that it snaps back to its original position. It will also help to physically inspect the belt by running your hands over it. Look for signs of dry rot, cracks, or any damage that can justify replacing the belt with a new one. 

Blower Wheel Inspection

The blower wheel should be steady at all times, which is why it should be tested to make sure that it's not moving. Light pressure can be put on the blower wheel to verify how sturdy it is. If the blower wheel moves around, that is definitely a reason to be concerned. You should also look at the blades of the blower wheel to make sure that none of them are broken. 

Wiring Inspection

All of the wiring should be looked over to verify that each wire has a solid connection to the part it is wired to and that the wires are not damaged or coming apart. Damaged wires should be replaced with new ones to prevent the air conditioner from losing any crucial connections.

Filter Inspection

The air conditioner will have a filter section of the unit, and the filters will need to be replaced regularly. When the access hatch is opened, you can see the filters in their current condition. Commercial air conditioners will often utilize multiple filters that are stacked on top of each other to accommodate the larger size of the unit. Make note of the type of filters that are used so you can replace them with filters that are the same size. 

Evaporator Coil Inspection

The evaporator coil may be a bit dirty and need to be cleaned. Debris that is stuck to the coil is going to interfere with how the unit extracts heat because the coils do not have exposure to the air. The coil can be cleaned with a brush to remove any debris that is stuck to it. 

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