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Problems That Can Limit Your Heating System's Performance

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When your heating system is struggling to provide your home with sufficient performance, you can find yourself having to spend far more on energy than necessary, and it might also be extremely difficult to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature.

Dirty Pilot Lights And Burners

If you have a heating system that uses natural gas, heating oil, or other combustible fuel sources, your system's pilot light and burners will have to be kept clean. Over time, residue can gather on these surfaces, and it will be able to limit the flow of fuel through the system. If this occurs, it can cause the entire heating system to fail as the fuel may be unable to ignite. Unfortunately, dirty pilot lights and burners can be a problem that will worsen rapidly. As the system struggles to stay lit, the fuel will not burn as efficiently. This can increase the rate that the residues are collecting on the burners.

Clogged Filters Or Vents

Your heating system will need good airflow if it is to function at optimal efficiency. When homeowners are not diligent with changing the air filters or cleaning the vents of the unit, they can find that their system is far more likely to suffer significant problems as a result. An example of this could be a heating system that suffers a substantial decrease in the force of the air that it is blowing through the ducting. Unfortunately, this can eventually contribute to mechanical issues with the system as the reduction in the flow of air can cause the unit to run hotter and to experience more wear. Being diligent to swap out the air filters and periodically clean the vents can be instrumental in preventing these problems from occurring with your system.

Problems With The Connection To The Thermostat

Your heating system will need to have a stable and reliable connection to the thermostat in order to work as intended. Unfortunately, there can be problems with this connection that may impact the performance of the entire system. In particular, signals from the thermostat to activate or turn off may not reach the heating system. This can lead to it having erratic performance. Finding and repairing problems with the thermostat connection can be difficult as the wires and where they connect to the heating system will need to be tested. Fortunately, this can be a relatively simple repair once the technician has determined where the problem in the line is located.

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