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Air Conditioning: 5 Thermostat Problems That Need Commercial AC Repair Services

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Running a business can be hard enough without worrying about your air conditioning (AC) system. Often, commercial AC repair is the last thing a business owner thinks about, but it's something that can be avoided if you know how to spot the common problems. One common source of AC problems is the thermostat. Most people think that their thermostat has only one problem—it's too hot or cold. However, there are a lot of issues that can go wrong with a thermostat, especially if it's an older model. What are some thermostat problems that need commercial AC repair services?

1. Thermostat Fails to Reach Desired Temperature 

The first thermostat problem you should look out for is the thermostat failing to reach the desired temperature. When this occurs, you will notice that it takes an inordinately long time for the unit to switch back between heating and cooling functions. This may be accompanied by a noticeable lack of AC power as well. Even if the current is on, you cannot get your desired temperature. Call commercial AC repair services to test the thermostat's calibration. 

2. Air Conditioner Runs Continuously

Another thermostat problem that needs commercial AC repair services is if the AC running continuously. When this occurs on a mechanical thermostat, the thermostat reaches its set point but the AC continues to run. If you have a digital thermostat, it is even more likely to cause continuous operations. This can cause problems such as overheating and freezing pipes or causing other damage to the unit itself or your property. If this occurs, call a commercial AC repair technician. 

3. Thermostat Does Not Show Power Light 

Is the LED power indicator on your thermostat off? That's not a good sign because it can mean that your unit is not powered up. You need commercial AC repair services to test for power flow when you have this fault. 

4. Wrong DIY Installation and Wiring

Many thermostat problems come from DIY installation and wiring that are done wrong. These issues can occur in several different ways and aren't always immediately obvious from the outside. If the AC behaves oddly after DIY work, call a commercial AC technician to check if you damaged anything.

5. Thermostat Is Too Old 

If your air conditioning system dates back a few decades, it is very likely the thermostat has fallen out of calibration. If your AC is not too old, you could choose to upgrade the thermostat instead of buying a new AC. Today's smart thermostats come with convenient features such as remote control from your smartphone.

A commercial building cannot be functional without an AC, which means you should prioritize AC issues. Contact a commercial air conditioning repair service to look at a faulty thermostat.