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Why Should You Repair Your Furnace Instead Of Replacing It?

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If something is wrong with your furnace, a furnace installation company might try to sell you on buying a new one. In many situations, it's actually better to repair your furnace. Here's why.

Repairs Save You Money

The cost of repairing a furnace is much less than buying a new one. Even when a repair costs hundreds of dollars, it can often extend your furnace's life and avoid future repairs for another several years. That's a much better deal than spending thousands of dollars for a new furnace.

If your furnace is running up your energy bills, a repair can also help with that as well. Repairs usually decrease your energy bills as furnace problems often cause you to lose energy efficiency. While a new furnace might be more efficient than your old furnace operating at peak efficiency, the energy savings might not be enough to justify replacing your furnace.

Repairs Happen Faster

When you call for a furnace repair, you can often get someone to come out the same day. Many problems can be fixed within a few hours.

When you install a new furnace, it can take several weeks to order your furnace and get an installation appointment. You may also need additional work like redoing your ducts or upgrading your electric or gas connections for a new model furnace.

If your furnace problem is causing you to be without heat, you have a further dilemma. You will need to either pay for a repair until you can get a new furnace, buy space heaters, or find some other way to heat your home until you get a new furnace.

Furnaces Last for Decades

Furnace sellers often give you unrealistic timelines for how often you should replace your furnace. Even when a manufacturer gives you a longer time, it is often possible to keep your furnace running for much longer. It's true that nothing lasts forever, but you shouldn't think of a furnace as something you should be replacing frequently.

Repairs are Better for the Environment

There is a high environmental cost to replacing a furnace. An old furnace can't be reused, and many parts aren't recyclable. If you can repair your furnace instead of replacing it, you're helping the environment by reducing your consumption of the raw materials and energy sources needed to manufacture a new furnace.

To learn more about when it's better to repair your furnace, contact a local furnace repair company today.