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3 Top Reasons To Tune-Up Your AC In Winter

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After a real workout during the hot summer months, most homeowners keep the air conditioners away when temperatures begin to plummet in winter. But you shouldn't let your AC sit dormant until the next summer. That's why winter is a good time to tune up your air conditioner.  

Below are more reasons why winter is the best time to perform preventative maintenance of your air conditioner. 

Evade Costly Repairs

The demand for an AC drops when winter sets in, which explains why most AC companies lower their service costs in winter to attract business. Some companies also offer huge discounts and other incentives to service your AC in winter. So, you can take advantage of these offers to save money on AC tune-ups.

Furthermore, winter tune-ups eliminate breakdown risks in summer because your HVAC technician removes any potential issues that may emerge during operation. For instance, your technician can clean the condenser coils, ensure proper refrigerant levels, and tighten all electrical connections. This way, the chances of failure are significantly reduced.

Your technician will also thoroughly clean all the AC parts to remove dust and grime buildup that may cause AC failure. With these tune-up measures, you'll experience fewer downtimes during summer.

Boost Efficiency of Your Cooling System

A tune-up during winter ensures your air conditioner is functional and dependable when you need it the most. A well-maintained AC unit is energy-efficient, which lowers your electricity usage and conserves energy. 

Furthermore, your tune-up technician also checks the air filter for any contaminants. Remember that a healthy air filter is crucial to your unit's overall efficiency. When left unchecked, air filters trap dust, particles, and debris which restrict airflow when your AC runs. Your technician will replace the air filter to eliminate any issues that a clogged air filter might bring.

When your unit runs efficiently, its lifespan improves. Remember, the tune-up expenses eventually pay for themselves when you have an energy-efficient and long-lasting air conditioner. 

Improve Air Quality

Your AC works round the clock during the hot summer months, and then you shut it down when winter kicks in. Failure to tune up your AC before the next summer can ruin your home's air quality. Dust, mildew, and pollen can collect in the filters or ducts while the AC sits idle. These contaminants ultimately degrade your home's air quality when you turn on your AC in summer. 

Remember, poor air quality due to dust and high humidity can lead to respiratory issues, especially if you have allergy problems. So, tune-up your AC in winter to enjoy good indoor air quality when summer kicks in. 

If you care for your air conditioner in winter, you can rest assured you won't have cooling issues in summer. So, schedule an annual AC tune-up with an air conditioning contractor to keep your AC in the best shape and ensure family comfort in summertime.