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A Couple Great Types Of Home Heating Systems

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There are a lot of types of heating systems that can be used to heat a home. Each system will have its own way of functioning, its own maintenance needs, and its own advantages. This article will cover a couple of types of home heating that work in many different ways and go over some things that someone would want to know when they have those types of heating being used in their own home. 

Central HVAC heating

A central HVAC system is one that heats and cools the home, as well as filters the air to improve the home's overall air quality. On a wall in the home, there will be a thermostat where you will set the system to either heat or cool, or even just run the fan if the home's temperature doesn't need to be changed. Air goes into ducts after passing through a filter to remove impurities, then it is heated (or cooled), and it goes back into the home through the same ducts. Benefits of this system include: 

  • Having one system to perform several needs

  • Having a system that cleans the air

  • Having a system that can be connected to a home automation system

  • Having a system that works without a lot of noise

  • Having a system that mostly remains out-of-sight

  • Having a system that heats (or cools) the home evenly

Radiant floor heating

Radiant floor heating works by sending heated water through tubes that are located under the flooring. When this heated water goes through the tubes, it warms the flooring and when the flooring is warmed, it raises the temperature in the whole room. This type of system can allow for the home to be quickly heated when it is turned on and they are known for helping to reduce seasonal heating costs associated with the heating of homes. Benefits of this system include: 

  • Having a system that truly is out-of-sight

  • Having a heating system that runs quietly

  • Having a system that gives homes a nice-feeling warm floor on cold days

  • Having a system that requires very little maintenance from the homeowner

  • Having a system that heats quickly once it is turned on


Now that you have a better idea of types of heating that work great, but also work in completely different ways, you may see how important it is to put thought into choosing a system. When you have the right heater in your home, you will be able to keep it warm in the way that works best for your whole family.