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3 Main Reasons Your Home's Air Conditioner May Break Down And Need Repair Service

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Summer temperatures can make your interior living space feel hot and uncomfortable, but if you have a properly sized and installed air conditioner, you can beat the heat and keep cool during the hottest days of the year.

Unfortunately, air conditioners can break down in times of need, leaving your entire household at the mercy of the summer weather. While some AC system problems resulting in system failure can be prevented by performing regular AC maintenance, others cannot be avoided.

Read on below to find out some of the common results residential air conditioners break down when in use.

Poor AC Maintenance

Your residential AC system uses refrigerant to deliver cooling performance in your home. Refrigerant is the essential medium used to transfer heat from the air inside your home to the outside environment, keeping you cool during the summer months. Without enough of it, your AC unit will struggle to achieve the desired room temperatures on hot days. As part of regular AC maintenance, you'll need to check your refrigerant level to ensure your cooling system has sufficient working fluid.

Your AC system also comprises many important parts such as the AC air filter, fins, and coils that can get dirty, damaged, or worn-out. These parts need to be kept in top-running shape in order to maximize the cooling output of the system.

If you neglect maintenance on your AC system, you'll invite problems that will cause the system to go kaput, eventually.

General Wear and Tear of AC Parts

As your AC equipment ages, some of its parts will get worn-out due to the normal operation of the equipment. If you fail to keep up with your AC manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, your AC system may be forced to run on old, worn-out parts.

When AC parts replacement isn't done on time, your cooling system won't work properly and a breakdown will become inevitable. 

Airflow Issues

Your air conditioning system requires unobstructed movement of the air entering the system to provide maximum cooling performance. Lack of airflow due to incorrect placement of the cooling system and accumulated debris can also cause a complete system failure.

Disregarding the importance of AC maintenance, not replacing worn-out parts in a timely fashion, and a lack of airflow within the AC system are some common reasons residential AC systems fail. If your AC system has broken down and needs to be repaired, an HVAC technician can help you get it back running again.

Contact an air conditioning repair contractor to learn more.