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Whole-Home Attic Fans: Are They Worth It?

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Have you been thinking lately about getting a whole-home attic fan, but you are not sure if it is worth the cost and time to have one installed? If so, it will help to know more about this HVAC component.

What Is A Whole-Home Attic Fan?

If you're not sure what a whole-home attic fan is, it's essentially a huge fan that goes in your attic and pulls the air through your home. It can create a nice breeze that blows through your entire home by using negative pressure, since it pulls air through all your open windows. 

What Are The Advantages To Using A Whole-Home Attic Fan?

Many people love having a whole-home attic fan because of the ability to bring in fresh air from the outside. The fan can also quickly cool down your entire home on a hot day by creating a breeze that is going to flow over your body and feel good. The fan will also prevent the need to use your home's air conditioner, which can cut down on your energy use while it is on. The attic fan still uses electricity, but not to the same extent at your air conditioner.

What Are The Disadvantages To Using A Whole-Home Attic Fan?

One thing to keep in mind about using a whole-home attic fan is that it is pulling in air from the outside your home. This air is going to have a lot more moisture than the air that is produced by your air conditioner. When you eventually switch from using the attic fan to the air conditioner, it is going have to do a lot more work to remove the moisture from the home. It is also worth considering that the fresh air from outside is going to pull in more allergens. You'll likely notice that the screens on your windows are going to be a bit dirty as the screen ends up catching only some of the larger allergens. 

When Is A Whole-Home Attic Fan A Good Choice?

You have to consider the pros and cons of attic fans and see how they apply to your area. If you live in a region that is not very humid and does not contain many allergens, then a whole-home attic fan may be great for you. Reach out to a local HVAC contractor in your area for more information about what it will take to have one installed.