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How Much Does a New Air Conditioner Cost?

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Despite your reason for purchasing a new air conditioning unit, the whole process can be confusing and stressful if not approached with the right mindset. One of the main questions that most homeowners have when deciding on a new air conditioning system is cost. Below are some of the most commonly installed air conditioning systems on the market today, along with the costs and expected lifespan of each.

Central Air

By far, one of the most common types of air conditioning units in family homes today is central air. These setups operate by using an individual air conditioning unit, alongside the snake of ductwork that goes to your home. They're relatively inexpensive, which makes them accessible for most homeowners. You'll need to hire a professional HVAC contractor to install a central air system because of the permits involved, but the whole process should cost anywhere from $5,626 to $10,000 total.


If you only needing to cool down one room but efficiently, a ductless air conditioning system may be the way to go. They're smaller than your standard central air unit, and cost substantially less as a result. The installation and units themselves can run anywhere from $2000 to $14,000. The vast difference between the price ranges reflects the amount of power that the individual homeowner needs. Fortunately, ductless air systems can last 20 years, so once you install it, you shouldn't have to put in a new air conditioning system for a while.


For homeowners who truly want the most energy-efficient air conditioning set up possible, it's hard to beat a geothermal system. Using pipes that run to the ground, a geothermal system uses electricity to power the motor but then relies on the earth to heat and cool your home. This means that a geothermal unit will replace both your furnace and your air conditioner. As can be expected, these types of units are not very cheap, and cost anywhere between $12,000 and $30,000, but can last a long time.

Window Units

The cheapest air conditioning system that you can buy is a window unit. Though these aren't necessarily designed to be portable, you can install and reinstall in a different location in under an hour, making them a solid choice for anybody who has an apartment or a shed that needs a simple air conditioning set up. Depending on the brand, a good window unit should cost several hundred dollars and last for a few years.

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