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Heating Problems You May Need To Get Repaired

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A heating system can suffer malfunctions from a number of different sources. In order for a homeowner to be prepared to keep their home's interior warm throughout the winter months, there are some potential sources of damage or other problems that should not be overlooked.

Excessive Dust

It is likely that there will be sizable amounts of dust that collect on the heating system during the months when it is not being actively used. This dust can create some major performance impacts for the heating system. If the dust is not removed from the unit, it can contribute to the system creating smoke or burning odors when it is activated. In some cases, this dust may even ignite, which could start a fire. Covering the unit with a protective cloth while it is not being used can help to limit the accumulation of dust on the system. However, if the unit is showing performance problems related to dust accumulation, a professional heating repair contractor may be needed to service the unit. 

Failed Heating Coils

Electric heating systems will utilize a series of coils that will produce heat when a current runs through them. While these coils can be extremely reliable, they will eventually fail after many years of use. Interestingly, a failed heating coil may not completely prevent the unit from producing heat as most systems will be designed to have a series of these coils that functions independently of the failed set. As a result, a single coil failing may simply reduce the heat output of the system. For homeowners that have heating units that are more than several years old, a sudden decrease in heating output could likely indicate that one or more of these coils needs to be replaced.

Damaged Wiring

An electric heating system will require vast amounts of energy in order to function. Unfortunately, it is possible for the wiring to suffer damage that could compromise its performance. For example, it is possible for the exterior insulation of the wiring to degrade as a result of exposure to moisture, having other items rubbing against it or pests chewing on it. Wiring issues can severely reduce the performance of the heating system as it can result in instabilities in the supply of power. Additionally, this could eventually result in an electrical fire starting that could spread throughout the home. Repairing damaged wiring can be fairly dangerous to do, but an experienced heating repair contractor will be able to safely and effectively repair the wiring problems that may be impacting your system.

To learn more, contact a heating system repair company.