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Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning May Stop Working

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If you have air conditioning in your home, keeping it running properly is not difficult, but if it does stop working, you may need to have an AC repair company come and inspect the air conditioning unit. There are a few common issues that can cause your system to stop working, most of which are easily repaired by an air conditioning technician.

Dirty Coils

One of the most common things that causes an air conditioner to fail is dirty coils in the system. AC repair techs can clean out the coils for you if they are dirty and allow the air to get in and around the coils to keep them from freezing up. 

Preventive maintenance and cleaning on your system every year can help keep the system running correctly and limit the number of AC repair calls that you need throughout the year. If you have the air conditioning unit cleaned in the spring, you should be able to get through the hottest part of the year without any significant issues. 

Clogged Filters

Your air conditioning system has several air filters on it, and if the filters are clogged, sensors in the system will shut the system down, and you may need to call an AC repair tech to change the filters and verify that is what is shutting the system down. If one of the sensors is faulty, the system could indicate a filter issue when there is no real issue, but the tech will be able to tell if that is the case.

The filters are not hard to change, so if you have spare filters on hand, you can change them regularly and avoid having the system shut down unexpectedly. If you are not sure how to change them, ask the AC tech to show you how to do it the next time they are there servicing your air conditioning system.

Broken Belts

Inside the air conditioning system, there are several belts that drive fans in the system. If the belt starts to wear excessively, the belt can break and the fans will not work. Once the fans stop working, you will know that something is wrong with the air conditioning system because there will not be any air coming out of the vents. 

If you suspect that a belt has broken, you need to call an AC repair service and have them come and determine which belt is broken and then replace the strap for you. The technician can check out the system to determine if the belt was worn, if there was a problem, or if it was the age of the belt that caused the failure.

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