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3 Things To Check When Your Air Conditioner Isn't Working Well Enough

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Is your home getting hotter and hotter even though you've been setting your thermostat lower and lower? Does it feel like there's nothing you can do to feel comfortable in your own home? While this can sometimes be chalked up to your imagination, there are certainly times when there are actual issues that need to be resolved. Sometimes these issues are simple, but other times they are more complicated. Here are a few things that you might want to check or have checked out.


The rubber or vinyl strips that are around the edges of your doors and windows aren't things that last indefinitely. Depending on the climate where you live and the exact composition of your doors' and windows' strips, they may last anywhere from one to five years. If these strips are no longer pliable and are brittle, then it's time to replace them. They may not be forming a complete seal in some areas, forcing the air conditioning system to work overtime as cool air escapes and warm air enters your home. Since an A/C system can only cool a specific amount of air in an hour, when this seal is not formed correctly it can mean that your home will feel warm or possibly hot even if your air conditioner is working perfectly.


Not only has insulation technology advanced over the past several decades, but insulation can also degrade over time. For instance, if you ever had a burst pipe and didn't replace the insulation in the area, it's possible that the insulation has rotted to the point that it is ineffective. Sometimes you can tell when the insulation has degraded by feeling that a section of the exterior wall is warmer than the rest, but sometimes you need a professional to check it out. Many air conditioning experts also deal with insulation. Others do not, so you should make sure to confirm whether or not an insulation inspection is possible when making an appointment.

Unit size

The smaller an air conditioning unit is, the harder it has to work to cool a large home. If you weren't the one who purchased the air conditioner, it's possible that the previous homeowner tried to save money by installing a unit that is too small for the home that you have. It may have worked well enough for some time, but perhaps the unit is finally starting to give out. Before you simply go out and purchase a nearly-identical unit to replace it, have a professional measure your home and make sure that the unit you get is actually the size that you need to cool your home in the most efficient manner.

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