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Air Balancing- The Key To Efficient Cooling

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Heating and cooling costs account for a significant portion of many household monthly budgets. Managing your cooling costs doesn't have to be difficult. If you want to make your air conditioning system more efficient, you should focus your attention of air balancing.

Air balancing can help you eliminate hot spots that detract from the comfort of your home. This will streamline the cooling process and help boost the efficiency of your air conditioner this summer.

Adjust Your Registers

Your air registers can be powerful assets when trying to balance the temperature within your home. You can adjust the dampers to help eliminate hot and cold spots. Open the registers on the top floor of your home while simultaneously closing the registers on the lower level.

Since hot air rises, the upper floors of your home will need more cooling than the lower level. Just be sure that you don't close the registers completely- you want to allow cool air to continue flowing throughout your entire home.

Add a Second Thermostat

Large residential properties can benefit from having multiple thermostats. It's impossible to maintain a constant temperature across a large amount of square footage with a single thermostat.

Your HVAC technician can install a second thermostat on the upper level of your home. This second thermostat allows you to create a temperature offset that will account for the differences in ambient air temperature on upper floors.

Lowering upper floor temperatures while keeping lower level temperature settings constant can help you bring your home's air into proper balance.

Replace Your Filter

Every air conditioner unit is fitted with a filter that removes dirt and debris particles from the supply of air moving through the unit. When the air filter becomes clogged, your HVAC system can't function efficiently. The heat exchanger is more likely to overheat, lowering the temperature of the air circulated through your home. This will create hot spots that your family will find uncomfortable.

You should be able to hold your air filter up to a light source and see the light shining through it. If you are unable to see the light, the filter is too dirty and should be replaced for maximum efficiency.

Air balancing is something that most homeowners have never heard of, let alone put into practice. A few simple changes to your air conditioning system can eliminate hot and cold spots and reduce your cooling costs this summer.