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Promote Good Air Quality With Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

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Your air conditioning system can have an effect on a lot of things in your life. Not only can it impact how much it cost to heat up and cool down your home, your AC system can also affect your health. If you have not properly maintained your air conditioner over the years, you can expect that the air quality inside your home is definitely going to be diminished. There will be an increased risk of mold formation, airborne bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and other things that could legitimately be harmful to your health. Usually, some good maintenance of your HVAC system can help with these issues, but good hygiene and regular interior cleaning are also very important.

As a homeowner, you can hire professional HVAC techs to service your system. Basic tasks like changing the air filters, recharging the refrigerant, cleaning the air handler, cleaning and sterilizing the ducts, and cleaning the evaporator can help to increase efficiency and improve air quality at the same time. Heat pumps are one component that also needs to be looked after. A dirty heat pump can be a major factor in poor air quality. 

Heat Pumps Can Be Smelly

First of all, a heat pump blows air in both directions. During the summer, it pumps hot air out of your home as it blows cold air in. During the winter it does the opposite, pumping in the hot air. Since the air flows both ways, your heat pump components can get dirty. It can draw in bad odors, pollen, and dust from outside, but it can also suck in the dust, pet dander, and VOCs that are already inside the home. All of this harmful debris is basically recirculated from season to season. This is why, when you start your AC for the first time during the summer, the air might smell stale at first.

Having Your Heat Pump Serviced

Have your heat pump serviced by professionals if you want to eliminate these odors, enjoy healthier air, and pay lower bills. Since the heat pump is used in both seasons, it is vital that you have it cleaned twice a year. The in-between seasons are the best time to have the work done. When it is cool enough in fall to stop using your AC, call in an HVAC service. Do the same in the early spring before you need to run your AC.