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Four Problems That Arise When You Install an Oversized Furnace

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A good HVAC technician will recommend a furnace that's correctly sized for your home. However, some homeowners demand a larger furnace because they (falsely) believe it will keep their home even warmer or will operate more efficiently. This is just not a good idea. If your HVAC contractor recommends a furnace of a certain size, trust that that is the size you need. Installing a furnace that's too large can cause the following issues.

High Energy Bills

A furnace that is too big for your home will end up turning on and off very often. As soon as it gets burning in its peak-efficiency range, it will be time for it to turn off again. This short-cycling requires a lot more energy, so your utility bills are likely to shoot up. Once the too-large furnace is installed, no amount of scrimping and insulation will bring your bills back down to where they would be with a properly sized furnace.

Uneven Heating

When your furnace is too large, it will blast a large amount of heat for a short period of time. Some areas of your home will get really hot while others will stay cooler. There's simply not enough time for the heat to distribute itself evenly. Having to wear a sweater to avoid shivering away in one room and then having to take it off to avoid sweating in another is not enjoyable.

Higher Costs

The larger the furnace, the more you'll pay for it. Plus, a larger furnace may require your HVAC technician to modify your ductwork, which will drive up your installation costs even higher. You'll save a bundle by just going with the size your HVAC tech recommends.

Frequent Breakdowns and Malfunctions

Furnaces are not made to kick on and off as frequently as an oversized furnace will. All of this switching on and off will cause excessive wear to the ignition and related components. You may find yourself calling your HVAC technician more often for repairs, and you may need another replacement furnace sooner than you had planned.

Furnaces come in many different sizes, and the size you will need for your home will depend on your home's square footage and the layout of your ductwork. Resist the temptation to think bigger is better when it comes to your furnace. You want the right size, and you can rely on your HVAC technician to accurately tell you what that size is.

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