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Comparing Portable And Window Air Conditioners

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Portable and window air conditioners are two alternative cooling options to central air conditioning systems which are designed to cool a much smaller area. Because they each possess their own unique method of operation, portable and window air conditioners also have a distinctive set of features and drawbacks. Understanding what each type of air conditioner has to offer you can help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners, like their name suggests, are very easy to move around your home. This also means that they are extremely easy to install, as they simply have to be plugged into an electrical outlet and a vent. This means that you can take a portable air conditioner with you from room to room as needed very easily. Additionally, portable air conditioners do not take up valuable window space, allowing natural light and fresh air into your home. Furthermore, portable air conditioners are ideal for apartment buildings, many of which do not allow window air conditioners because they look unsightly on the side of the building.

However, portable air conditioners do take up a significant amount of floor space, which can be restrictive in small homes and apartments. Portable air conditioners also tend to be fairly noisy, which can be annoying if the unit is being used in a bedroom.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are installed directly in a window frame and are surrounded by insulation to prevent exterior air from flowing into your house. Since they are installed in the window, they leave the floor clear for other furniture, and won't mess with your interior design. Additionally, window air conditioners tend to be quieter than portable models, because the fan and most of the machinery is located outside the window, which makes them less disruptive than their portable counterparts.

However, window air conditioners cannot be taken with you from room to room, limiting their effectiveness throughout your entire home. They also much more difficult to install, requiring supports and installation, which is more expensive and time-consuming than setting up a portable air conditioner. It should also be noted that the window that they are installed in cannot be used as long as the unit is in place. Finally, the insulation around the window air conditioning unit can break down over time, which can increase your heating bills in the winter and ruin the effectiveness of the unit during the summer. Contact a company like Advanced Heating & Cooling for more information.