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4 Healthful Reasons To Keep Up With AC Maintenance

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You know how comfortable your home can feel with an effective air conditioning system. But, your comfort level is not the only reason why maintaining your air conditioner is a good idea. The following are 4 healthful reasons you should keep your AC in tip-top shape.

1. Protection Against Excessive Heat

Heat, especially excessive heat, could possibly lead to ailments like heat exhaustion, which is characterized by the following: 

  • A feeling of confusion or dizziness
  • Your urine might appear darker than usual
  • You could faint or feel very tired
  • Pains like headaches or abdominal cramps
  • You might feel the urge to vomit or will do so

Your AC can help prevent the ill effects of excessive heat. 

2. Keep You Happy and Content

You want a happy home, right? Well, studies show that mood can be elevated by controlling the temperature in your home. The best temperature is 72 degrees, so keeping your AC in good condition might be more important than you think, especially if someone is grumpy in your home.

3. Might Help Control Your Weight

You probably know the dangers that come along with being overweight like the following:

  • You might be at risk of diabetes
  • Your self-esteem might suffer due to your body image
  • There is a higher chance of cardiovascular diseases 

Well, believe it or not, making sure your air conditioner is in good condition can help control your weight. The reason, studies found, is because keeping your home cool for at least 2 hours every day can increase brown cells. Brown cells burn excess fat in your body to keep you warmer. The study saw an increase in brown cells in just 6 weeks. The magic temperature to use is 62.6 degrees.

4. You May Sleep Better

Sleep is such an important component of life so much so that lack of sleep can lead to some of the following:

  • Trouble concentrating the day afterwards
  • Hard time remembering things since long-term memory is imprinted in your brain at night
  • Sexual drive might suffer
  • Mood could be altered negatively

Thankfully, your air conditioning system can also help you and your family get a good night's sleep. The reason is your body creates more melatonin (a sleep hormone) when you sleep in a cooler atmosphere. The temperature you want to sleep at is anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees.

Your air conditioner can offer you and your family healthful benefits. So be sure to keep up with regular maintenance, and have your AC specialist (such as one from Getzschman Heating, LLC) take care of this for you.