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3 Tips For Keeping The House Cool Without Spending Too Much Money

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Keeping your house cool in the warmer months may seem like a mystery to some. It may seem as though you have to crank the AC higher and higher to get the house comfortable. However, this creates a larger utility bill that many people can simply not afford. This is why it is best if you can find alternative ways to keep your house cool while keeping the AC at a reasonable temperature. Here are a couple suggestions.

1. Uncover the Hard Flooring

When you put rugs down on your floor it helps to insulate it. The carpet keeps the heat in. This means that during the warmer months, you can keep the house cooler if you uncover the wood, tile or linoleum floors so that it doesn't hold the heat as well. The floor will be cooler, which will encourage the rest of the house to be cooler as well.

You can put the rugs down as soon as winter begins again. This will help to keep the house warmer without turning up the heat. But in the summer, roll up the rugs and enjoy the hard flooring.

2. Keep The Ceiling Fans Going

Another great way to keep the air circulating throughout the house is to use a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans do not cool the room down or change the temperature, but they can keep the air moving which will make the room feel cooler. You can keep the fan going for hours for just pennies. This is a far great price compared to turning up the AC unit. For this reason, you should keep the fan running all day if someone is in the house. Only keep the fan running if someone is present. Since the fan won't cool the room, just cool down the people in it, there is no reason to keep the fan on if the house is empty.

3. Close The Drapes

Although it is nice to keep the windows open so you can enjoy the sunlight, the sunlight will also warm up your house. If you have the drapes or blinds open during the hottest part of the day you will heat up the house and make the AC work overtime to cool it back down. This is why it is better if you can draw the drapes in the afternoon: it will keep the house cooler.

By doing these simple things you can keep your house cool. For more information, talk to a professional like John Legg's Heating & Air Conditioning.