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Tips For Air Conditioner Improvements

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If your home is hard to keep cool and you find yourself running your air conditioner all day in order to keep the temperature down then you may need to perform some AC tune-ups. Air conditioners that aren't working properly can take longer to cool a home, which can force you to run your unit for a much longer period of time. To ensure your AC is running properly and efficiently, consider tune ups like the following:

Duct Sealant Repairs:

The duct of your air conditioner is the channel that feeds the cool air that your condenser creates into your home. This means that if there are any leaks in your duct, you are reducing the amount of air that actually gets delivered into your home, which can cause your unit to run for a longer duration to make up for the loss of air that failed to be delivered into your home.

Condenser Maintenance:

If your air conditioner is not intaking and converting a good amount of air then this can definitely increase the time it takes for your home to cool down. This is why it is important to make sure that your unit's air intake is efficient. This can be done with maintenance to your outdoor unit, known as your condenser. Your condenser may accumulate outdoor debris and dust, which can clog the vents and reduce the airflow of your unit's intake system. So, be sure to use a soft brush to clean off the vents on a regular basis to open up the vents and maximize the air intake performance.

Poor Ventilated Filters:

Although your condenser may be clean and the intake quality is good, your air conditioner may be lacking  when it comes to delivering the cold air that your condenser creates, into your home due to clogged filters. Old, dirty filters that are kept in your vents can reduce quality flow, as the dust layer prevents air from flowing through your vents. So, be sure to clean your filters if they haven't been cleaned in a while if you want to maximize your units performance. Along with improving airflow, this service will also improve air quality, as air won't have to pass a layer of dust before entering your home.

These adjustments and maintenance repairs won't only improve the efficiency of your unit, but it will help keep your home cooler in a shorter period of time, which can prevent you from paying the hefty costs of running your air conditioner all day long. Talk to local professionals, such as Enright and Sons, for more information