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2 Ways to Improve Your Furnace

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There are a number of ways to make your furnace more efficient. You do not always need to buy a new furnace because yours is no longer producing as much hot air. There are many small issues that might effect the airflow and production of hot air, and a lot of these repairs can be self-diagnosed and fixed without professional help. This article will explain how to make your furnace more powerful by cleaning the air filter and blowing compartment.

Cleaning the Air Filter

To clean the air filter you first need to locate it. It is usually behind a small hinged door near the side or back of the furnace. It is easy to open the door (without any tools) and simply slide the filter out. If the filter ridges are clean and show no signs of dust buildup, you do not need to worry about cleaning it. If the filter is dirty you can clean it off or just buy a new one. It is probably easier to just buy a new filter since they are quite affordable.

Before you put the filter into place, you should clean out the empty compartment. Even if the filter was perfectly clean, the air intake for the compartment can be dirty or clogged. Inspect this area with a flashlight and clean out any dirt.

Clean the Blower Compartment

Cleaning the blower compartment is easy. You first need to access the blower by removing the compartment door. The door is usually vented, near the bottom of the furnace, and attached with just a few screws.  Make sure you unplug the power supply before you open up the furnace.

Take out the small screws and remove the door. Inside you will find a large fan that is encased in a metal compartment. This circulates the air from the heating mechanism and blows it into the ducts. So if the blower is dirty, your airflow will be much weaker. Clean the blower out with a hose vacuum.

At this point, once your blower compartment is clean and your filter is replaced (or cleaned), you should test it. Turn your heater on and see if you notice hotter air. If these steps didn't seem to fix anything, you should consult an HVAC contractor for heating repair. Most of the more serious repairs are too difficult to do if you do not have an HVAC contracting license.