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Repairing Your AC Unit's Faulty Compressor

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An AC unit's compressor can be one of the most important parts of the system. When it starts to malfunction, repairing it will have to be a major priority for preserving your ability to cool your home.

Severe AC Compressor Problems Can Prevent The Unit From Running For Long Periods Of Time

If the AC compressor has suffered severe damage, it may prevent it from running for long periods of time. This can result in causing the compressor to overheat. If it is allowed to overheat, it may have to turn off for a substantial period of time before it will be ready for use again. Often, this will be an issue that may only occur somewhat infrequently with the compressor, but you may find that it is an issue that can rapidly worsen in severity and frequency. Eventually, the unit may have to be off for far longer than it is running to allow the compressor enough time to cool.

Faulty Compressors Can Cause Refrigerant Leaks

Depending on the particular problem that your AC compressor is experiencing, the development of a refrigerant leak can be a common side effect. Unfortunately, causing a severe decrease in your system's performance may not be the only problem this can cause. For example, the refrigerant can also be extremely harmful to the environment and any pets that you may have. One potential indication that the compressor issue is causing a refrigerant leak may be the presence of unexplained fluids near the unit. Unfortunately, this can rapidly contaminate the soil near the unit, which can have dire consequences for your property's plants, pets, and even its underground water supply. 

Replacing The Compressor Is The Most Common Repair Option For This Problem

If your air conditioning unit's compressor is malfunctioning, the options for repairing it may be somewhat limited. More specifically, you may find that the only option for correcting this problem could be to have it replaced. The process of replacing an air conditioning unit's compressor can be fairly complicated, and even dangerous. These units can carry a high amount of electrical charge which may persist for some time after the power has been turned off. A professional residential AC repair technician will be capable of safely replacing the compressor so that your system can be returned to working order. Depending on your particular AC unit, the compressor may have to be specially ordered, but those with common styles of AC units will find that this is rarely needed.

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