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4 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe And Tidy During Furnace Installation

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Having a new furnace installed will bring you so much comfort. Your home will stay nice and warm, you won't have to call for repairs all the time, and your energy bills will likely decrease. In the meantime, however, you do need to deal with the actual installation process. Your furnace installer will handle this process for the most part, but there are a few things you can do, as a homeowner, to keep your home safe and tidy at this time.

1. Move anything you don't want to get dirty.

Furnace installation can generate some dust and debris, particularly if your contractor has to drill through a few walls to put in ducts or vent pipes. If there is anything in the furnace area that you do not want to get dirty, move it to a new location for the time being.

2. Clear the pathway.

Your furnace installer will need to bring a few items into the home — most notably, the new furnace! When carrying these heavy items, they will need a clear pathway that does not contain any tripping hazards. Do what you can to move any furniture, area rugs, shoes, and anything else that a contractor might trip over when entering your home.

3. Secure any pets.

The installer might need to prop a door open while they are bringing the furnace or other items into your home. You do not want your cat or dog to escape while the door is open! It is a wise idea to lock your pet in a room or in their crate during the installation process. Do this even if you have a fenced-in yard since your installer may not want to worry about tripping over a dog or a cat while they work.

4. Make plans for your kids.

It's not safe for your kids to be too close to the furnace installer while they are working. There will be sharp parts and swinging hammers. If your kids will be home during the day when your HVAC installer is working, make sure you isolate them in a room far away from the installation site. If this is difficult considering the layout of your home, consider having your kids spend the day with a friend or family member.

With the tips above, you can keep everyone (and your home) safer while your furnace is being installed. Talk to your HVAC contractor for more information about furnace installation.